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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should I Use A Travel Advisor?

  • Travel Advisors are client advocates, providing expert guidance through the myriad information out there.  
  • Hiring a Travel Advisor ensures that you get the experience you have in mind, without common pitfalls, and without spending all of your time online.  
  • With personalized service, a Travel Advisor considers your travel history, expectations, and budget before offering unbiased advice on the options that are right for you. 

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Will I Pay More If I Book Through An Agent?

  • Our fees are transparent. In many cases, you save more than you spend. 
  • We can work within your budget, and we always focus on making sure that you get a solid value in return for our fees.  
  • Our initial consultation, which only takes about 20 minutes and is free, is a great way to determine what we offer you. 


Do You Plan Corporate Or Group Travel Too?

Yes! If you have an upcoming conference for your business, a family reunion or a student trip, we can handle the details and ensure that you have access to group seating, entrances, and discounts. 


Do You Get Better Rates Than I Can Find Online?

We arrange travel and research destinations all day long, so we know where to find the deals, and can help you determine which ones are best for you. As a member of the Travel Leaders Network and Sit In My Seats, LLC, we also have access to features and amenities that are only available to our clients. We work for you, not for a supplier.  We compare competing travel suppliers to offer our clients the best experience for their money.  Traditional agencies focus on the lowest prices and fares. We focus on quality and value.


What Kind Of Trips Can You Plan?

Each team member specializes in different destinations and have planned every kind of trip imaginable. We assist with Family Travel, Luxury Travel, Celebrations, Honeymoons, Cruises, and Customized Travel Tours to Africa, Asia, Europe, Central & South America and beyond.  There is nothing we can't handle with our team of experts.


What Do Your Services Include?

We can handle all of your travel arrangements (flights, transfers, hotels, tours, insurance, etc.), or we can handle just the arrangements that you’re not comfortable handling on your own.  Old World Travel Company is as flexible as you need us to be to meet your goals.


I've Paid For My Trip But Need To Cancel, Now What?

Every travel supplier has a different cancellation policy, so it is important to review all terms and conditions before booking. Once a trip is under deposit, Old World Travel Company charges a 15% cancellation fee based on the total trip cost. We strongly recommend Travel Insurance to protect your financial investment. 


What If My Travel Plans Change?

Every travel supplier has different policies for revision, usually based on how far along we are in the planning process. It’s best to review these policies before making reservations. After we make a reservation, Old World Travel Company charges a $75 per-person revision fee should you decide to change your plan. 


Will The Price Of My Trip Change After I Make A Reservation?

Changes in price are usually the result of cost increases that travel suppliers cannot absorb, such as fuel surcharges, international currency fluctuations, or increases in the cost of services. Because of this, prices are subject to change until final payment is received.

The quoted price of our fees will not increase unless your travel plan changes significantly after the initial plan is underway.


What Places Or Hotels Do You Recommend?

Because our clients pay fees for our services, we are free to recommend the best travel plan for each traveler’s needs. We are not contractually obligated to any travel supplier, which allows us to suggest any type of accommodation that best fits your travel expectations and budget. That said, we will not recommend or book a sub-par property that is offering the “deal of the century” if that property does not live up to our own standards of quality, value, and service.  Our first priority is your safety and comfort.


Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

We highly recommend travel insurance. We have seen it save many travelers from the cost of cancellation due to illness, weather delay, or medical emergencies that occurred before or while traveling. There are several different plans available, and we can help you choose the right one for you. There is no fee to buy travel insurance, so we can help you purchase it regardless of where you booked your trip. 


What If There Is An Emergency On My Trip?

Your trip documents will contain emergency numbers for in-country service providers. In addition, our office is available 24/7.