9-Night Summer Solstice Voyage

09/25/2020 through 06/19/2022
09/25/2020 through 06/28/2022

Your journey begins in Lisbon, the City of Seven Hills, and one of the oldest cities in the world. Its magnificent harbor made it a logical trading port as far back as the Phoenicians, as well as a departure point for 15th century voyages sponsored by Prince Henry the Navigator, patron of Portuguese explorers, and now, you.

We arrive next in Porto, a European capital of culture where you can stroll the Ribeira neighborhood before a relaxing day at sea. A late stay in St. Peter Port means more time for rambles along cliffside paths and through the bucolic interior.

The lively town and a bustling port of Honfleur is our next stop, where you can spend the day navigating the cobbled lanes of half-timbered houses and elegant manors before setting sail to Bruges. Here, you might find yourself getting lost in another time, wandering the maze of winding lanes or drifting along the canals of its medieval core, the whole of which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

An overnight in Amsterdam means you can truly immerse yourself in the unique culture and personality and perhaps even tour a canal or two. Cruise along a feat of modern engineering in the Kiel Canal before arriving at your final destination of Copenhagen where we invite you to wander through the old town, stopping for a local repast of Smørrebrød, traditional open-face sandwiches, or a mouthwatering Danish pastry.



Day 1 Lisbon, Portugal
Day 2 Porto (Leixoes), Portugal
Day 3 At Sea
Day 4 St. Peter Port, Channel Isl
Day 5 Honfleur, France
Day 6 Bruges, (Zeebrugge), Belgium
Day 7 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Day 8 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Day 9 Kiel Canal, Germany
Day 10 Copenhagen, Denmark

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