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Best of Antarctica in Depth (Ocean Endeavour)

Best of Antarctica In Depth (Ocean Endeavour)

Experience awe-inspiring scenery and untamed wildlife on a 14-day voyage to East- and West- Antarctica. Like our ‘Best of Antarctica’ voyage, this expedition introduces you to the wonders and highlights of the White Continent, but with three additional days to better explore the Antarctica Peninsula. Encounter Weddell seals lazing on ice floes, whales breaching the frigid waters and several species of penguins shuffling across the frozen shores. You will cruise around the ice-filled waters by Zodiac, landing on the Antarctic Continent itself for onshore excursions that will afford jaw-dropping views. Our ice-strengthened expedition ship, the Ocean Endeavour, is ideally suited to cruising this icy wilderness and onboard expedition guides offer priceless knowledge and insight, bringing the world’s most incredible landscapes to life.



    • Cross the Antarctic Sound on your way to the Antarctic Peninsula’s remote and rugged east side, a sweeping landscape full of huge icebergs and legendary islands.
    • Towering icebergs, blue glaciers, rugged islands, white mountains, abundant and curious wildlife – the western side of Antarctica is a lifechanging destination in itself.
    • Encounter Antarctica’s incredible wildlife – Adelie and gentoo penguins, leopard seals, sea birds, whales – your expedition crew will curate your adventure to ensure you’ve got the best chance of multiple sightings.
    • You might have the chance to visit Paulet Island, the Danger Islands and the Eagle Group – chains of islands famous for their enormous penguin colonies, exploration history and geological features.
    • Zodiac excursions open up exploration opportunities on both sides of the peninsula, from the Danger Islands to Paradise Harbour and the shores of the South Shetland Islands. We aim for two excursions on each expedition day to maximise your time on the Peninsula.
    • You won’t spend sea days between Ushuaia and Antarctica in your cabin. Get insider info with a series of presentations from expert guides, as well as an expedition vessel decked out with all the mod cons.

    06/21/2023 through 12/03/2024
    06/21/2023 through 12/19/2024

    Day 1 Ushuaia, Argentina
    Day 2 Embarkation in Ushuaia
    Day 3-4 At Sea, Drake Passage
    Day 5-7 East Antarctic Peninsula
    Day 8-11 West Antarctic Peninsula & South Shetland Islands
    Day 12-13 At Sea, Drake Passage
    Day 14 Disembarkation in Ushuaia, Argentina

    12/27/23 - 01/09/24

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    12/06/24 - 12/19/24

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