Main Street

Charlotte Amalie

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Main Street

The historic Dronningens Gade, now know as Main Street, is a prime destination for shoppers. It has had this role ever since the city was founded. Take a walk down the cobblstone Stroll the bustling cobblestone lane in the heart of Charlotte Amalie, which is lined with high-end shops and cozy restaurants that were previously used as pirate warehouses. Find beautiful jewelry pieces, watches, and souvenirs, as well as perfume, liquor, and tobacco. If you’re interested in shopping for jewelry, highlights include Diamonds International, Cardow Jewelers, and Bobby’s Jewelers. Make sure to venture down the quaint side alleyways, too, where more boutiques await with hidden gems. Main Street is one of the top spots for shopping in St. Thomas.


Stunning beaches and endless blue skies aside, St Thomas is known for its shopping scene. Remember, that you can buy souvenirs, local art, jewellery and whatever your heart desires duty free. Both cruise ports — Havensight and Crown Bay — have their own malls. The selection of products and services is superb. You could do all your shopping right there if you don’t feel like making the trip downtown. Let a gondola take you from Havensight up to Paradise Point, where the sprawling views of the bay are the perfect backdrop for some souvenir shopping. Try the chocolate-flavoured piña colada called the Bushwacker! Another place to shop with a view is the famed Mountain Top on St. Peter Mountain. Grab a Banana Daiquiri (which was invented right here!) and browse beachwear, sandals, jewellery and other Caribbean delights.