Ghosts, crimes, and spooky legends are the basis for the Buenos Aires Misteriosa tours run by Ayres Viajes; it’s just one of the offbeat options on the company’s extensive menu.

Known for superlative customer service, Buenos Aires Tours arranges everything from city walking tours to multiweek Argentine vacations aimed at different budgets.

Informed young historians from the University of Buenos Aires lead private tours that highlight the city’s art and architecture as well as its intriguing past at Eternautas.

Academics also serve as guides at Cultour: the highbrow history- and culture-oriented excursions are complemented by general city tours and Tigre boat trips.

For serious insight into the city’s Jewish community, sign on for one of the full- or half-day outings organized by Deb Miller's company, Travel Jewish.

B.A.’s new and growing network of bicycle lanes has led to a sudden surge in two-wheel travel. La Bicicleta Naranja has scheduled tours led by bilingual guides; it will also supply do-it-yourselfers with excellent route maps and deliver rental equipment to your hotel.

Graffiti and street art are the focus of one unusual tour run by Biking Buenos Aires; another includes live performances by actors recreating key moments in civic history.

Urban Biking lets you combine cycling with kayaking in Tigre and the Paraná River delta area; the outfit also offers half- and full-day pedaling tours of the city proper.

Large onboard screens make the posh minibuses used by Opción Sur part transport and part cinema. Each stop on the city itinerary is introduced by relevant historical footage (picture Evita rallying the masses at Plaza de Mayo); trips to outlying areas are available, too.

If you would rather rely on public transit and foot power, try Buenos Aires Local Tours, a popular pay-what-you-like service (advance online registration is required).

For a different take on local life, contact the Cicerones de Buenos Aires. Its resident volunteers take groups of up to six visitors on informal outings, providing a true porteño perspective along the way. The experience is free, but donations are welcome.

Tour Companies

Ayres Viajes. 11/4383–9188;

Biking Buenos Aires. 11/4040–8989;

Buenos Aires Local Tours. 11/5984–2681;

Buenos Aires Tours. 11/4785-2753;

Cicerones de Buenos Aires. 11/4431–9892;

Cultour. 11/5624–7368;

Eternautas. 11/5031–9916;

La Bicicleta Naranja. 11/4362–1104;

Opción Sur. 11/4777–9029;

Travel Jewish. 877/826–4674;

Urban Biking. 11/4314–2325;


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