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Glimpse of Europe 8 DAYS  6 COUNTRIES  6 CITIES FROM $157/DAY

Marvel at the elegant landmarks and picturesque scenery of Amsterdam, the Rhine Valley, Lucerne and Paris.

London to Rome Highlights 10 Days 5 COUNTRIES 6 CITIES FROM $140/DAY

Explore the classics Europe has to offer and soak up all the vibrant culture; from the food to the monuments, these romantic capitals will not disappoint.

European Delight 13 DAYS 14 COUNTRIES 9 CITIES FROM $152/DAY

An exhilarating European trip filled with culture, history and soul-stirring scenery, from Tuscany to the vineyards of Burgundy and so much more.

European Experience 14 DAYS 8 COUNTRIES 10 CITIES FROM $154/DAY

Take in the stunning scenery and beautiful cities in Germany, France, Italy and more on this trip.

Jewels of Italy 7 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  7 CITIES From $154/DAY

This trip reveals all that's special about Italy, including Ancient Rome, Pisa, Florence, Verona and Venice.

Highlights of the Italian Lakes 8 DAYS 2 COUNTRIES 5 CITIES FROM $129/DAY

The Italian lakes are sure to be a source of peace and serenity. Quaint lakeside villages combined with the backdrop of the alps; the sheer beauty of these landscapes will be one to remember.

Highlights of Sicily 9 DAY 1 COUNTRY 5 CITIES FROM $139/DAY

Fiery Sicily makes an appearance on this ramble through the Italy’s south starting in Rome.

Italian Scene 10 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  9 CITIES FROM $143/DAY

Spend this trip taking in the beauty of Rome, the Bay of Naples, Florence, Assisi and Venice.

Essence of Italy 10 DAYS 1 COUNTRY 6 CITIES FROM $155/DAY

Embrace an ancient past and fiery present when you explore all the icons of Italy on this 10-day journey through Italy.

Splendors of Italy 13 DAYS 1 COUNTRy 11 CITIES FROM $133/DAY

This trip captures the beauty and history of Italy, taking in Rome, the Italian lakes and more.

Spanish Experience 9 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  8 CITIES FROM $133/DAY

Take in the best of Spain on this trip, visiting Madrid, Toledo, Seville, Granada, Valencia and Barcelona.

Iberian Explorer 13 DAYS  3 COUNTRIES  11 CITIES FROM $120/DAY

This all-embracing exploration of Spain visits Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Costa Del Sol and more.

Picturesque Portugal 7 DAYS 1 COUNTRY 5 CITIES FROM $143/DAY

Religious landmarks, monuments to the discoveries and the melancholic trill of the Fado follow this 7-day journey from Lisbon, Portugal’s seafaring capital, to Porto on the Douro river.

Jewels of France including Normandy 8 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  5 CITIES PER $144/DAY

Voyage through the valleys and vineyards of the French countryside whilst getting a taste of Joan of Arc's Rouen, picturesque Clemenceau and the D-Day landing beach at Omaha.

Highlights of France 13 DAYS  2 COUNTRIES  16 CITIES FROM $141/DAY

Journey beyond sophisticated Paris to the south coast - taking pictures of fairytale palaces and castles.

Irish Wonder 8 DAYS  2 COUNTRIES  10 CITIES FROM $147/DAY

Experience Ireland's majestic castles, exquisite cathedrals and noble cities on this trip.

Britain and Ireland Delight 10 DAYS  2 COUNTRIES  9 CITIES from $133/DAY

Castles, churches and old-fashioned towns are covered during this in-depth journey.

Majestic Scotland 7 DAYS 1 COUNTRY 4 CITIES FROM $154/DAY

Kick-start your seven-day adventure through Scotland in feisty Glasgow, with stays in Edinburgh and the highlands.

England and Scotland Heritage 11 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  7 CITIES FROM $130/DAY

Explore Britain's past and present on this trip that visits Stratford-upon-Avon and Edinburgh.

Imperial Highlights 10 DAYS  5 COUNTRIES  8 CITIES FROM $135/DAY

Take a peek inside Munich, Prague, Budapest, Vienna and more on this great-value tour of Europe.

Highlights of the Baltics 9 DAYS 4 COUNTRIES 5 CITIES FROM $150/DAY

Explore Warsaw and the three Baltic capital cities of Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn.

Highlights of Bohemia 15 DAYS  5 COUNTRIES  8 CITIES FROM $122/DAY

Uncover Germany's heritage, Poland's character and Hungary's charm on this trip.

Highlights of St. Petersburg and Moscow  9 DAYS 1 COUNTRY 3 CITIES FROM $164/DAY

Explore the imperial twin cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow as they were in the time of the Romanovs and as they are today.

Best of the Balkans 10 DAYS  2 COUNTRIES  5 CITIES FROM $140/DAY

Explore Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina during this in-depth journey.

Highlights of Scandinavia 12 DAYS  3 COUNTRIES  10 CITIES FROM $167/DAY

Discover the icons of Denmark, Norway and Sweden on this epic tour of the best of Scandinavia.

Highlights of Greece with Aegean Cruise 8 DAYS 2 COUNTRIES 7 CITIES FROM $204/DAY

Travel back to a time of legends, gods and philosophers, as you journey from the ancient city of Athens to Crete, passing the sacred way at Delphi, mythical hilltop monasteries and the vibrant Aegean ports of Mykonos, crusades and Santorini.

Greek Island Explorer 10 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  3 CITIES FROM $200/DAY

This trip takes in Athens, the Acropolis and Hadrian's Arch, plus the islands of Mykonos and Santorini.

Wonders of Turkey 11 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  8 CITIES from $108/DAY

This great-value trip covers Turkey's essential wonders with a few surprises along the way

Footsteps of the Pharaohs 9 DAYS 1 COUNTRY 4 CITIES FROM $195/DAY

Great pharaohs, gods and goddesses once walked these ancient lands and you will too when you embark on this mesmerizing 9-day journey from Cairo to Aswan.


Marvel at the scenery offered by the Canadian Rockies and National Parks and their stunning backdrops.

Panoramic Canadian Rockies 12 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  3 CITIES FROM $137/DAY  

Start your trip in stunningly beautiful Vancouver, travel high into the majestic Canadian Rockies and enjoy spectacular national parks.

Essence of Eastern Canada end Toronto 8 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  4 CITIES from $138/DAY

Discover the cosmopolitan eastern part of Canada with this trip.

Landscapes of Eastern Canada and USA 14 DAYS 2 COUNTRIES 11 CITIES FROM $145/DAY

Compare the cultures, sights, and sounds of the east coast's cities to the European charm of French Canada.

Best of the West 12 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  8 CITIES FROM $143/DAY

Embark upon this western journey showcasing iconic cities and marvel at the natural wonders that make this part of the world truly unique.

Canyon Country Showcase 12 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  5 CITIES FROM $150/DAY

From the bright lights of Las Vegas to vast canyons of Bryce.

Spectacular Canyons and National Parks 13 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  9 CITIES FROM $151/DAY

Explore the mighty Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Yellowstone National Park.

The Big Apple Niagara and Washington DC 8 DAYS 2 COUNTRIES 2 CITIES FROM $166/DAY

Discover the East Coast of Canada and the USA on this 8-day trip.

Fall Colors of New England 10 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  6 CITIES FROM $160/DAY

Revel in the vibrantly colorful landscape of New England.

Rhythms of the South 11 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  4 CITIES FROM $152/DAY

From jazz to blues, to rock and roll and country this is a journey that is steeped in musical history and full of southern charm.

Peru Explorer 7 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  2 CITIES FROM $169/DAY

The ancient allure of Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley meet the buzz and bustle of Lima and Cusco. Ask about Puno and Lake Titicaca extension.

South America Samba 9 DAYS  2 COUNTRIES  2 CITIES FROM $151/DAY

A discovery across South America’s most influential and intoxicating countries.

South America Discovery 15 DAYS  3 COUNTRIES  4 CITIES FROM $190/DAY

Three of South America's most popular, diverse and colorful countries are revealed on this journey into their capitals. Ask about Puno and lake Titicaca extension.

Costa Rica Adventure 7 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  3 CITIES FROM $116/DAY

From volcanos to rainforests, new discoveries abound on this Costa Rican all-encompassing adventure. Ask about Guanacaste or Tortuguero extension.


Experience the many contrasts of Japan, from the modern metropolis of Tokyo to the breathtaking beauty of Mt. Fuji and enchanting Kyoto with its stunning temples and colorful Geisha district.

Iconic China with Yangtze Cruise 12 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  5 CITIES FROM $219/DAY

A showcase of China's wonders; visit the majestic Great Wall, marvel at the terracotta warriors and journey down the Yangtze River and its three gorges on this trip.

Vietnam and Cambodia Adventure 14 DAYS  2 COUNTRIES  5 CITIES FROM $177/DAY

Journey through Vietnam and Cambodia on this exciting adventure that takes in culture, history and temples.

Iconic Thailand 9 DAYS  2 COUNTRIES  4 CITIES FROM $173/DAY

Highlighting Thailand’s rich history and fascinating culture, experience the contrasts between the bright lights, skyscrapers and street markets of Bangkok to the peaceful rural life of northern Thailand as you travel by boat into the Golden Triangle.

Highlights of India 10 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  6 CITIES FROM $185/DAY

Discover India’s wealth of history, culture and color as you visit some of India’s most famous sights and watch tigers at Ranthambore.

Golden Triangle and the Ganges 12 DAYS  1 COUNTRY  3 CITIES FROM $219/DAY

Discover India’s wealth of history, culture and color as you visit some of India’s most famous sights, hunt for tigers at Ranthambore and observe the locals bathing in the holy river gangs.


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